August update

6th September 2016

In terms of numbers of clients August started fairly quietly but, by the end of the month, we were very busy and in total 88 people were supplied with food and other items which totalled over a tonne in weight.

We also noticed, during the month, that we saw a significant number of single people which is reflected in the fact that 43 vouchers were processed. However may clients we support each one is important to us and we treat them withy the dignity and respect that they deserve.

Our Quality Assurance visit from the Trussell Trust took place on Tuesday 6th September and we look forward to the report that will follow the visit. We were able to speak to our assessor  about the successes of the foodbank and to report on the wonderful work of our volunteers and supporters.

We are a small foodbank with no paid staff  but we feel that we do what we  do very, very well.

An example of this was the result of our stocktake at the end of August. The variance shown was under 10kgs on a stock of 2 tonnes and an annual turnover of food of over 15 tonnes. This is a major achievement and demonstrates the care that our volunteers take in recording food received and distributed and in keeping the database up to date.

Details of which specific food donations are most required are shown elsewhere on this site.

We are also looking forward to a busy harvest season, having already been told by a number of organisations that we will be the beneficiary of their donations.

It is quite a complex job to balance stocks of individual items to provide for the needs of our clients. We do rely greatly on regular donations, but we are able to manage any shortages by spending the monies that are given. We are most grateful to all donors.

Thanks for picking up this update.



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